How a Sub-Unit Got Me into Kpop

While I sit here recovering from Jonghyun’s vocally sexified debut solo album, I started to think about how just a year ago I was beginning my kpop journey.

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It’s not Hump Day but TGIF!

It’s been a long, long week…friends, chingus, padres and mon petite amis. So, with needing to shake off this week and bounce into the weekend, I am sharing this little gem to get our weekends started off in just the right way.

Just have to say, the YouTube comments had me rolling. Yes, the noona is a closet comment reader but the video is the real winner here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Jonghyun’s ‘Base’ delivers on some Grown R&B Type Realness


Friends! It is here and I took time out of my business math class to listen to Jonghyun’s debut album ‘Base.’ He wrote all the songs himself, so let’s get this review started. Hopefully, I ‘ll need a cold shower after. I told the noona bestie that I needed him to give me “Symptoms, Hot Times, In my Room” inspired realness and I’m happy to say that this album really surprised me. After all, he is a k-pop star on SM no less,  so I was ready for that syrupy, disco, dub-step mess that his label is so quick to throw out. Now, I am not throwing shade to those who like that (well…maybe a tad) but when it comes to showcasing Shinee members and their voices, these boys rock it out when it comes to more slow, R&B inspired songs.

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Jonghyun’s Solo Debut Teaser is 50 Shades of Sexy

Out of all the idol-dom there are few idols that I would gladly give all the awards to, Shinee’s Jonghyun is probably close to the top of that list. So, it makes me happy that he is finally having a solo debut while the band prepares themselves for their 2015 comeback. Granted, the group didn’t say they were officially coming back but I like to put it out there because I am beyond ready.

But back to this teaser. If this is the look that is going to start off my noona heart racing for 2015, then I am here for all of it. Christian Grey, please move out of the way because Jong is about to show us a thing or two…or three. This type of look looks really good on him and I hope this album brings me some R&B hits. As you all know, I am quite the fan of grown and sexy, so I hope Jong’s album lives up to the sensual thoughts that have penetrated my mind since glancing upon this video.

What can I say? He brought us ‘Symptoms!’ This noona approves!

Noona’s Five Favorite K-pop (and other) Songs from 2014

I really can’t believe that 2014 is basically over and maybe you are like me and can’t wait to give a colossal finger to the bulk of 2014. However, looking back, I can attest that it wasn’t really all that bad. For one thing, I discovered kpop, embraced noona-dom,  started this here blog and picked up learning Korean. Not to mention, I am healthy and sane with a great noona bestie — look at me being all positive!

While I am sure that there will be quite the plethora of kpop wrap-ups around the web, instead of discussing on top comebacks or moments, I wanted to address songs that piqued the noona’s interest. Songs that made me say ‘hmmm,’ made me raise the people’s brow (oops, wrong setting!) or caused tears to fall. Let’s dive on in, shall we!
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Kiha & the Faces are all ‘Mine’

Hey y’all. It has been so quiet in noona land but I have missed spazzing out about all the delicious things happening in the world of Korean entertainment. However, I need to be honest — I haven’t been jazzed about anything as of late EXCEPT for my lovely Beast and their end of the year comeback. I hope they end 2014 with a ‘bang’ of epic proportions.

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Oh, what a Monday this is and what a year for KPOP. Granted, I wasn’t terribly surprised about the Lee Joon and Thunder jumping the ship formally known as MBLAQ but it does a hole of sorts. What idol has given us so many gratuitous ab shots as Joonie. LE SIGH.

I wonder what will happen to the rest of the members. I know the plan to enter the army after the last of their concert dates but what comes next? I know Lee Joon will focus on acting but what are the others known for? I wonder if that was the impetus behind G.O. going rogue on Twitter. Oh, these idols — you would think they’d know not to broadcast their issues over social but I’m here for butthurt saltiness. Sometimes, you have to get that anger out even if it is to hundred and hundreds of fans.

Personally, can’t wait to see what Joon does — he is a pretty prolific actor and I think  he would fare better in that arena then the world of idol-dom, so I’m excited for him.

Now off to drink a small glass of wine and watch My Secret Hotel. No judging.

Primary 입장정리 (Feat.최자, Simon D)

I know I’m behind the eight-ball here but I am really into Primary’s music these days and while searching for some Dynamic Duo MV’s, I stumbled across one of my favorite jams by him and luck would have it, there is a MV for it. And SIMON D makes a cameo, I pushed the play button so fast — you have no idea. So, SD gets a shout out twice in a week.
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Embrace the Quirky You

I’m having one of those months where try as I might, getting a full 8 hours of sleep evades me. So, I’m up early doing a singing tape and typing out this lovely post to you all.

Anyone that knows me, I am a huge lover of self improvement. Show me someone that feels they have everything together all the time and I will quickly tell them to say ‘hi’ to Dorothy when they go back to Oz.

In all actuality, I’m quite the optimist albeit a realistic one. So, it was a nice surprise to get Marc & Angel’s newsletter this morning. I highly recommend their site — if you need something uplifting or get outside your head for a bit, their site is a must go. It gave me this lovely gem on this extremely cloudy NYC morning.

Embrace your quirks, your mistakes, and the fact that life is a lesson. – Life is a ride.  Things change, people change, but you will always be YOU; so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone or anything.  You have to dare to be yourself, in this moment, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.  It’s about realizing that even on your weakest days you get a little bit stronger, if you’re willing to learn.  Which is why, sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your trouble and hard work isn’t what you get, but what you become.